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Our monthly outsider groups are a chance to challenge yourself mentally with the support of a community. Each month brings a new challenge and a new opportunity to discover something about yourself. 

The group will be facilitated by one of our certified and trained peer specialists and is open to anyone! You'll get daily encouragement, weekly check-ins, and access to a supportive group so you don't have to go it alone (only other group members will know you're in the group, so don't worry about everyone knowing!)

Sure, we're still figuring out how these will work, but come discover it with us!

Let's change our lives together!


No Nut November (men)

No Nut November (women)

Addiction isn't always around substances - we can numb our feelings and cope with many unhealthy things. While we don't talk about it much (thanks stigma), many of us will turn to porn or fantasy for emotional coping. 

This month will be hard, but we can do it together.

One month without masturbating. 

Men, Adam will be doing this alongside you, and Women, Kelsey will be there to support you. We'll have a great group to rely on, daily reminders and encouragements, weekly check-ins, and might even get together for some meals or events. 

This is a group you don't want to miss! It'll be hard, but the person on the other side will be awesome,


Group Ideas Welcome


New Year New You Group


Love Yourself Group

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