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The Team

Who We Are

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Adam Holt

Founder & Executive Director

I'm sure Adam will get to a bio soon....


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Jillian Jaffe

Coach & Board Member

Jillian comes to Outsiders Anonymous with over 16 years of sobriety and a ton of experience working in several different sober communities.  Having lived all over the states, Jillian hit her rock bottom in San Francisco, California back in 2007 and oh, what a rock bottom it was!!! 


Back in 2016 Jillian joined her first CrossFit gym and quickly realized the similarities between her 12 step community and her gym community.  So in 2018 she set up a GoFundMe to raise the funds to acquire her CF-LQ with the outward facing message that she would never accept money for her coaching.  Funded in under 24 hours her group, 12RepStepMax was born.  For over a year, Jillian taught CrossFit to people and their families in recovery in Austin.


Jillian has since gone on to gain her CF-L2 and PN-L1 and continues to chase after more education so she can show up and be the best coach she can be for the sober communities she participates in.   

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Oscar Fumero

Program Director/Coach

Oscar is our newest coach, with a passion for the human body & psyche. He utilizes his large sports background to develop high quality fitness programming while utilizing his own experience with major depression disorder to help others overcome mental barriers as well as helping them stay consistent when the lack of interest or motivation comes about. If his depression doesn’t make him want to die, his workouts sure do!


Oscar’s resiliency is contagious, from having served in the Air National Guard to earning 2 degrees from Texas State University, he knows what it takes to not just survive but thrive in unknown and less than comfortable situations. Some of the things he enjoys that help him with his diagnosis and recovery are skateboarding, making music, scuba diving, and being in nature. We know Oscar has an RBF but he’s friendlier than he looks, just talk to him about anything & you’ll see!


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