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Reminiscent of those nights trapped in addiction, the foundational workout will have you sweating and sore. These classes are a mix of strength and cardio, utilizing barbells, kettlebells and your own bodyweight through a circuit that will get you back in touch with your body. This is a great place to begin moving, every workout is approachable and designed to build you back up. (Think functional fitness)


These power focused workouts will push you to your mental and physical limits, only to prove that you are more powerful than you ever thought. With sledgehammers and tires, sandbags and weighted jugs, you will have the chance to dig deep and regain some of your control and power. Where the sober sweat sessions are focused on your body, these workouts will also strengthen your mind.


Ever hear of a runner's high? Well, bad news, research has shown it is very difficult to achieve, and for the rest of us... running isn't that fun. Don't let that dissuade you from our track workouts or run groups! We're all running from something, but learning how to run TOWARDS something, and being mindful of the journey will help you find your true path. Much of life is learning to find joy in things that suck. Come run with us, all are welcome!


Life is full of obstacles. At times, you're going smoothly, and BAM - there's this wall blocking your path. You're exhausted and want to give up, but you don't. If you commit to preparing for a Spartan Race, our certified Spartan SGX Coach will help you discover for yourself how to overcome these obstacles, set goals, and even run the race with you as a team. All that is required is the willingness; we will provide everything else!

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The DEKA Training System is a unique approach that will elevate your confidence, improve daily performance and help be the best version of you! The “DTS” is built on 3 pillars:

#1 Strength and Power (DEKA FORGE)

                10 zones/4 rounds - 30s on/30s off
#2 Anaerobic Conditioning (DEKA BURN)

                10 zones/3 rounds - 60s on/30s off
#3 Endurance (DEKA GRIT) 

                10 zones/2 rounds - 90s on/30s off

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