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About Us

Outsiders Anonymous was birthed through pain, and created through suffering. Not only do we know what you are going through, but we've also traveled the path and are here to help light the way. Traditional therapies and groups helped us, but we also found #freedomthroughfitness.



That's why we created Outsiders Anonymous - a 501(c)(3) nonprofit with the mission of providing free fitness training and an awesome sober community to help you run from relapse and lift you into a life worth living.

There is certainly science to back up our mission, and we are doing our part to further our understanding of how fitness impacts recovery through research.

We've decided to do this by opening the only 100% free gym in the state of Texas. We have group fitness classes, Spartan race training, an open weight room, deliberate cold therapy and much more. Most importantly, we have a community for those who might not belong... the outsiders.


Outsiders Anonymous is not full of pretty people but real people. We are not perfect but understand and embrace our imperfections. We are no longer willing to accept life as it has been. At Outsiders Anonymous, it matters not how many times you stumble but only that you get back up. 


Join us for a fitness class. Come to a storytime. Watch a movie or share a meal with the Outsiders. Join in a Spartan training group and finish a Spartan race with us. We are not intimidating, we don't judge, and we've been there.

You DO NOT have to be in recovery to be a part of Outsiders Anonymous! A big part of living a new life is doing it with "normal" people, so all are welcome here. We just ask that you are supportive of an active, sober lifestyle and are ready to find out a few things about yourself too...



We live on the outside to find what is truly inside.  

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