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And Kid's Race!


July 20, 2024


6910 Sunfield Pkwy

Buda, TX 78610

Race HQ will be stationed in the Pavillion behind the Lazy River Activity Center.

**You should not enter the gated area, we are behind that**

Schedule of events

6:30 am

Race HQ area opens

Please do not arrive any earlier than 6:30.

(we won't be ready for you)

7:00 am

OCR Begins!

7:15 am

Kid's Race Opens

9:00 am

Last opportunity for racers to begin. 

12:00 am

Race HQ breakdown.

Course Map

Coming Soon


Coming Soon

Additional Information

In case you don't know just yet, we are not like other races! We are not a business, we'll never wear a tie, and we won't say the right things. Our main goal is NOT to make money, rather we want to bring people together through fitness to create a sober community.


That being said, here's some "official" important stuff for the race.

Packet Pickup

Due to our safety procedures, we will not be having a separate packet pickup before race day. 

All runner packets will be distributed on race day beginning at 6:30 am.

Your packet will include your t-shirt (if you haven't received one yet), bib, and even some swag!


This race will be 100% chip-timed!

Woah now, lower your standards - there's guaranteed to be some hiccups. We appreciate your patience, we will do our best to resolve any issues!

You must wear your bib to receive a time!

There will be a disposable tag on each runner's bib. The bib must be worn in the front, please.

We are able to start chip timing thanks to our amazing sponsors. I cannot say it enough! More on them below!

Start Line

The race will begin at 7:00 am, and participants will be allowed to start the OCR at any point between 7:00 am and 9:00 am. There will be an official start at 7:00 am.


We will have a "rolling start" with five runners leaving every two minutes to minimize course interactions. 


You are more than welcome to begin at any time though.

The Course

The course will be very well marked, but we will not have any roads blocked off. While we have done our best to avoid intersections, please be very cautious when crossing intersections. 

For the OCR, the course will be mostly on the roads, but will at times divert into unimproved areas. Just follow the signs! Twice the course will intersect itself... again, just follow the signs. 


There will be over 20 AMAZING obstacles along the 2-3 mile course to challenge you towards believing you are capable of more than you have ever thought. Each obstacle will have directions. Some obstacles will be mandatory complete obstacles, meaning that you must keep trying until you have completed the obstacle. Other obstacles will have alternate movements for completion, but you MUST overcome your fear and try!

There will not be a volunteer at every obstacle; follow the directions and feel free not to participate if you feel the obstacle is beyond your abilities (but remember, you can do WAY more than you think!)

Don't be afraid - every obstacle has different levels for completion and will be color-coded. 

Orange = Hard

White = Harder

Blue = What are you trying to prove?

Kids Race

There will be a FREE kid's race for anyone who wants to participate! Bring your little ones and get them moving! Every kid that finishes will get an awesome prize, free snow cones, a medal and t-shirt (while they last). 

If you haven't registered online (still for free) then make sure you check in before heading out on the kid's course.


Did someone say SNOWCONES?!?

We will have food and beverages at Race HQ - you certainly earned as much as you want! Please throw away your trash; we will have trash bags available. 

A huge shout-out to Buda's very own A Snowball's Chance! Make sure you check out their secret menu on their Instagram!

Results & Awards

There will be no awards for the OCR. If you finish, you win.

Instead we will have a finisher's raffle - every finisher will be entered into a raffle for gift cards, OA swag and even a hydration pack!

Results will be posted on this page within 48 hours.

Remember, we are able to put this event on because we are a small, community-oriented race. We will not have the resources that a larger race will, but we certainly guarantee an in-person event, done safely, through which you can push yourself and achieve what you once thought impossible!

Don't forget, this is just the beginning! Commit, train, and enjoy the series! We are so glad you're apart of this with us!

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