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While we are all in this together, it can be easy to forget that we are truly still a part of a community. Businesses are shut down, schools are closed, and I have gotten really good at the "hide" part of hide & seek when I play with my kids. It truly seems like everything from concerts to graduations have been canceled, leaving little to look forward to this year.

Fortunately - Running isn't Cancelled!

Join us for a not-so-virtual race series in Hays County to remember not only that you are a part of a community, but also to push yourself towards new goals during this difficult time.


These aren't your average races, because we have no idea what we're doing and figuring it out as we go, but we guarantee fun and safety!


Results are in for the 5K!


If you are just finding out about the Runfield series, welcome! You can still do any missed race by completing the official race course and sending a screenshot along with your time to adam@outsidersanonymous.org. Please note, you do NOT need to do this to be a part of the series - you can run one or all five races (we hope you'll choose all five), but in order to be included in the overall rankings and be eligible for awards (of which there will be a slew), you must complete all five races!

Please click the Texas icon for a specific race to find out more details about that race as it is released.


June 20, 2020


July 18, 2020


August 22, 2020

September 26, 2020


September 26, 2020

October 24, 2020


October 24, 2020

November 14, 2020

About the series

This race series is set up to provide monthly race goals to progress through during the summer. Walk, run, skip, just push yourself and conquer that goal! All races will be held in person on the dates provided, but the distances can also be completed virtually (with a few caveats). In addition to four progressive distance races, we will also put on an OCR, or obstacle course race, as a part of the series! This will be a 2-3 mile race with obstacles that must be completed during the race. Think sandbag carries, burpees, tire drag, and feel free to suggest your own!

We will have a half-mile kid's race at the OCR in September! Bring your family!

Your race entry will get you access to all five races! You will also get a race shirt, race bib, and race stickers, along with a swag bag full of local coupons and support from the community. Every finisher of at least one event will receive a race medal - hopefully you'll get in in person after the half-marathon, but we will make sure to get your winnings to you! We will have simple timing and post-race refreshments at each event, but don't expect too much - we are trying to keep this super simple and just have fun. We're not trying to make any money, but want to provide a fun opportunity for the community. 


We are very aware of the difficulties associated with community events at this time and will be taking many precautions to mitigate that risk. Please see our FAQs for more information. 



Frequently asked questions

What safety precautions are the race taking?

Equal to having fun, safety is our number one concern. We will be saniting and social distancing every step of the way. For starters, every swag bag will come with a clorox wipe in the case you would want to sanatize the contents. On race day, masks are appreciated but not required before and after the race. According to the CDC and WHO, the risk of COVID-19 infection is close to zero when individuals are following social distancing practices while outdoors, and masks are not required. On race day, we will be sanitizing every bottle of water and refreshment and will minimize contact with race support wearing appropriate PPE. Additionally, rather than a traditional start time where all particpants line up in close proximity and begin at the same time, we will be allowing particpants to start the race anytime during a one-hour window. This will allow for seperation of racers throughout the race. While racers will be required to follow the prescribed race course, they will be responsible for maintaining sufficient space when on the course. Please voice any and all suggestions/comments to us! We cannot think of everything, but want to make sure that we are being as safe as possible while providing these events!

Do I have to run in person?

No! All events will have an in-person option to build community and overcome together that every runner is encouraged to participate in. If you want to participate but cannot attend for some reason, you are still welcome to be a part of the race series. If you join after one or more events have occured, you are welcome to run the courses that you have missed and join us for the rest! The course maps will be released about a week before each race, and each racer can run the course on their own if they are unable to attend. You MUST run the race course that is released. In order to be counted for the race medal and any awards, the course and time needs to be confirmed via Strava, MapMyRun, or other GPS mapping software. Please submit your race submissions on the Sunfield Running Facebook Group, or to adam@outsidersanonymous.org. If you are unable to attend the OCR distance, substitute exercises will be released to be performed without race support.

If I choose to run virtually, can I run anywhere as long as the distance is the same?

No! You MUST run the course that is released for each distance. This will encourage the community feel along the same route, and allow you to see how you truly stack up to your neighbors. If you are unable to attend the OCR distance, substitute exercises will be released to be performed without race support.

Will there be awards?

YES! We have community sponsors that have graciously donated gift cards, gift baskets, and other awesome items. Awards will be given based on performance over the entirety of the race series. Just because you are fast at a 5K, doesn't mean you shouldn't push yourself on the longer distances. We will have awards for 1-3 place M/F under 40 and 1-3 place M/F 40+. Additionally we will have awards for the most improved, most consistant, middle of the pack, oldest, youngest, most stroller miles and whatever else we can think of! Feel free to suggest award catagories - we want to have fun with this!

What if I only want to do one race?

We still want you to sign up and enjoy that one race! These events are about our community and having something to look forward to - If that means one race for you, whatever distance you choose, then we welcome that and are here to support you however we can! That being said, in order to be eligible for awards and the series finisher's medal, you must complete at least 4 of the 5 events.

What should I expect?

Expect to have fun and be proud of yourself for what you've accomplished. Other than that, try to temper your expectations. This is not a huge race with a festival and all that hoopla. Before the coronavirus, we ran a small nonprofit, Outsiders Anonymous, that has temporarily paused services. This is about community and having fun. This is open to all levels, competitive to "I hate running" (there are times we do too, but it is SO good for our mental health!).

What is Outsiders Anonymous?

We are a 501c3 nonprofit orginization that exists exists to provide free fitness training and an awesome sober community to help individuals run from relapse and lift themselves into a life worth living. We are based on years of research demonstrating the efficacy of physical activity on the brain of individuals struggling with substance use disorder in order to reduce relapse rates. We are not only focused on providing services to individuals, but also to further our understanding on how physical activity can truly give people in recovery a fighting chance at staying sober. While COVID-19 has thrown a wrench in our operations, we wanted to take the opportunity to bring a little community and fun to everyone during these times. You are certain,y encouraged to check us out at www.outsidersanonymous.org

Where will the races be held?

Currently we are planning on all races being held in the Sunfield community in Buda, TX. We will make every attempt to route the courses so that your neighbors and friends will be able to cheer you on while you run by from the comfort of their front lawn! If you don't live in Sunfield, you're still welcome to run, and maybe make some new community friends! If this changes, rest assured the races will be held in the Buda area, and all updates will be communicated with the racers.

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